Context and concept

WomenWalk is a platform for connecting women, so that they can meet and walk together on a stretch of road. 

Based on the desire to give back the streets to women, WomenWalk was intended to combat the fear of being alone in it.
First started on social networks, the project quickly found its users, with
more than 1,000 people registered and the same figure pending, on the Nantes' facebook group of WomenWalk. Then scattered on several big cities, our goal was to make a mobile application of it, which could extend on the whole France, and even to the international. I am one of its creators, with my sister Léonie. And I am now going to explain you how I managed to create its identity and UX.

UX/UI Design

Here is an excerpt from the screens of the application.

As demand grew, and the application began to run out, it became urgent to quickly build solid but alpha foundations of what the application was going to be. After a lot of UX research, and the very application of the concept in a context of use, I was able to quickly start to draw, then redrawn the screens of WomenWalk
Lucky to have had the proposal of a big development company,
we started to work with a team of developers and a senior UX designer, in order to make choices on the creation of the first version of the app. Elements were redesigned to conform to iOS and Android, such as the font sized. 

The colors of the application have been
designed for their main context of use: in the evening. While many of our users have confirmed to us that WomenWalk rather serves them at night (whether it is very early in the morning to go to work, or late at night to come home after a party), we opted for colors that would not be difficult to read, and would not hurt the eyes. Remaining friendly, we did not want them to inspire fear, rather to reassure its users and to become their trusted partner. You can also find a neon inspiration, reminiscent of the logo.

About now

At the dawn of the release of the application, the only thing mission was the development of the latter, so that it could start to be downloaded. Intended to be free to use and free to download, other questions came to us, such as the writing of the General Conditions of use, and the launch of the communication campaign. Things are still being managed, and due to special conditions and some team changes on the developer side, are not progressing as expected. Due to be released in Septembre 2019, we are now profiling on releasing it in July 2020. 
Having advanced myself in my personal training as a UX designer,
I evolve, and my perception of things as for it becomes more increased. Things I couldn't see before, seem obvious now. Although the screens I am currently creating will not be the next to be released on the iOS and Android stores, it seems important to me to think about the rest of the adventure and prepare it now

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