Context and concept

Toutes mes aides, a state aid platform. 

Toutes mes Aides is a startup from the HEC incubator, located at Station F, Paris. It is the largest aid simulator in France, and the first startup to gather all the state aid to which a French resident is entitled. The platform also proposes to complete the procedures for the applicants.

Role and realizations

Confidence and better orientation.

The startup wanted to inspire confidence. Endowed with enormous network and list of aids, it had to collect the data of its users in order to be able to orient them. However, those users have often been worried of the use of the accumulated data, whereas the desires of the platform were clear: there was no question of reselling the data.
Responsible for remaking the identity and the user experience of the platform, we were able to work on all of these elements, notably by proposing illustrations that offered a friendlier image of the concept. The logo, meanwhile, moved away from the overly state image, which was too synonymous of complicated administrative procedures, and became a colorful and round logo

UX/UI Design - Responsive

A personalized research.

While Toutes mes Aides offered a fairly classic user experience, we found that the big obstacle to its use was the length of its procedures. Although the startup had indeed made many efforts on this subject, we decided to offer it a whole new direction. The idea was inspired by personality tests that we can cross while we test our correspondence to various products (shampoo for example). Thanks to its questionnaire format, the experience had been made easier and more pleasant, and its length had been reduced. According to the direct collection of responses, every users' profile was directly assimilated, and aid proposals could therefore be more relevant
The second evolution that we proposed to the platform was about its business model. Indeed, Toutes mes Aides wanting to start addressing more directly to companies and social workers,
it had to be reflected directly on the landing page and be integrated naturally into the design of the site.


A new communication on networks.

Accompanied by the new UX and UI of the site and solution, we also proposed to Tous mes Aides a new way of communicating on networks. Responding to its ambitions, and in line with the worked identity, here is an example of a sponsored post on facebook saying "You wouldn't refuse a promotion, why refuse your aid? ". Echoing the difficulty people have to ask for the aid to which they are entitled, and at the same time breaking the received idea that if you ask for aid it is because you have no money.

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