Context and concept

" I like to run, I like to travel, I like to discover new places and new people... with whom, and where to run? "

RunExplorers is a project created during the Startup Week-end Women 2020 in Paris. During the latter, we decided to address a problem that we have encountered with many runners: “I like to run, I like to travel, I like to discover new places and new people… with whom and where to run? ". In other words, or more in numbers, key figures could show us that half of the runners who run alone do not do it by choice, and that 54% of runners continue the race while they are traveling (sightjogging). Choosing to make the link between the two, we created RunExplorers, which echoed the desire that runners want to make their sport a moment of sharing and discovery.

Role and realizations

Create and give life to the project.

RunExplorers being a Startup Weekend project, we had to create everything around it from scratch. From the identification of the need, to the validation of the solution that we offer, through the roadmap, the business model, but also through doubts, pivots, and creation. During the process of reflexion, research, and elaboration, we gathered a certain amount of knowledge necessary for the development of the project.

Even though I had the occasion to work on everything, what I decided to present to you, is the result of the work on the identity and on the UX of the prototype.

UX/UI Design

RunExplorers aims to allow runners  to be able to connect, at any time and from any place on Earth. 

The main screen of the application has a calendar (to be able to switch from a day to another, which may be really useful to plan runs or events), a map of where we are (the name of a city for example), a listing of events close to our location, and current runners available.

These runners are users like the others, who propose "RunParcours ". These "RunParcours " are proposals for runs, which can be reached by clicking on them. It brings to the run page, which communicates more informations about it, such as the duration of the run, the distance to be covered, the level required, the environment, but also the maximum number of runners and those who have already joined the run. You can contact the user for more information, or join the race directly via the right button.

It is also possible to consult the profiles of users, which shares their level related to their use of the application, the pictures of their best explorations, as well as reviews of the latest shared runs.

Finally, RunExplorers intends to list the events that take place near the runner, but also sponsored events, such as the Grand Marathon de Paris. Via the application, it is now possible to buy tickets to access events, but also to opt for the Premium version of RunExplorers, to access events reserved for members (for example a training organized for the Grand Marathon de Paris).

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