Context and concept

Macadam, a technical startup.

Macadam is a young startup from the HEC incubator, based at Station F, Paris. For reasons of confidentiality, I renamed it. The startup's project is a solution that helps in the better management of the teams who are busy on the tarmac of airports. From the runway agent to the different managers of the high and low wings, passing by the flight supervisors.

The tool covers all the steps and tasks necessary for the proper functioning of the arrival / departure routine of an aircraft. Their goal: to reduce the time lost during this routine, thus reducing the delay in plane departures from different companies, thereby reducing their cost.

Already in service, the solution can boast good results.

UX Design

An immersion in the world of aeronautics.

Macadam's UX has been designed for a total of five different profiles: the runway agent, the gate lead, the agent K, the flight supervisor and the dispatcher. All having different ways of operating and different needs, the UX of each profile has been designed to suit them, while finding similar elements between the screens. Quick and practical to assimilate, the Macadam interface allowed the various collaborators to link and communicate informations and advances quickly.

UX Design

Managers (Agent K and Gate Lead) can see the evolution of their runway agent teams, communicate with, and validate certain missions for them. The flight supervisor has an eye on all the tarmac of his company and the state of profess of all the planes (delayed, on time, in advance).

As you can see, all of the five profiles have been dealt with. 

UI Design

One last ingredient. 

Once the UX done, the UI team was able to use its magic to offer a new identity to the startup. Applied on the models of the UX, it offered a pleasant and optimized readability

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