Context and concept

Kazidomi, the e-commerce of healthy and natural products.

Kazidomi, the e-commerce of healthy and natural products. Kazidomi is a startup from the HEC incubator, located at Station F, Paris. With an offer of 3,500 different products, sorted for their quality, the now 3-year-old startup offers an annual membership giving rise to preferential rates. 

Role and realizations

Identity, packaging and user experience. 

Kazidomi came with two aspects to work on: packaging and user experience. On the strength of their already existing brand, which placed itself on different product ranges (from tomato sauce to shampoo), it needed a packaging that was quick to use in all contexts, and which could match any productAs for the user experience, Kazidomi, having just created a new website, wanted to review its acquisition funnel, identify the obstacles to ordering, and open up to new improvements.

I also offered to present the startup a new fresh identity.

Identity and packaging

Meaningful and eco-friendly.

As for the new identity of the startup, I decided to base my proposal on their storytelling. Kazidomi, directly inspired by the Latin "quasi domi", means "like at home". I wanted to use and show this meaningful story through the logo, to create an identity that would be like no other on their market. The typographic work of the "K" was designed to be rounded for a friendly and homely aspect. Inside the layout, there is a door, with its round knob. This is the Kazidomi door, the door to home.

Then, this logo shows its practical utility on the packaging itself. Here with the example of the chocolate bars, by opening the door of the "K", we open the package. Thanks to the dotted lines, the use is intuitive, by indicating the opening direction. The colors are those already used in the current Kazidomi charter, their choice fitted really good.

The logo is drawn in line to be in an eco-design approach (with limited and more thoughtful use of printing ink for example). In this same idea, the colors coming directly from the primaries, are therefore less energy-consuming. To use in moderation.

UX/UI Design

Landing page. 

The Kazidomi site required a refocusing on its various offers. At the moment, the user could feel a little too solicited when he arrived on it. It was therefore necessary to start with sorting the information, and find a different way of presenting it. After its recast, the landing page presents the advantages of Kazidomi, its values, its products, its recipes, but also its subscription and its monthly box (new UX element that I will present to you below).

UX/UI Design

Monthly box. 

The monthly box, a new UX element proposed to the startup, is a feature which offers Kazidomi customers the possibility of turning their basket into a regular box. This new element is already introduced on the landing page, with the possibility of deciding to create your own monthly box. The opportunity then returns to the basket, in which, under the "Checkout" button, now sits the button "Make this box my monthly box ". Selecting this element will then give rise to the filling of the address and payment. The advantage of proposing a monthly box is the opportunity it represents to build customer loyalty, especially since it automatically integrates the Kazidomi subscription, which encourages you to return to the site to take profit of the price advantages, and possibly change the elements of our monthly box.

UX/UI Design

Intuitive basket. 

The intuitive basket, also a new feature, is a UX element that would be very interesting to test. Present on all screens as a violet square, unless you want to close its window, the intuitive basket is intended to accompany you in your shopping on Kazidomi. Indeed, if you decided to call on him, he will ask you various questions to better identify yourself and your needs. "How many people do you live with? ", "Do you have a special diet? ", etc. You can choose to fill in more or less questions, in order to have an ever more complete profile and therefore always more suitable proposals. Once filled, the intuitive basket will be there to guide you on the site. It will identify the quantity of elements necessary, over a certain duration and in relation to your consumption (thanks to gauges, you will see when you have selected enough elements), will propose you products rather than others, and may even offer you a full basket of groceries if you decide to trust it. His suggestions will make your shopping faster, more enjoyable, and keep you from forgetting anything.